Our Work

The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership works toward goals the partners crafted beginning in 2009:

  • Conserve landscapes treasured by citizens in order to maintain water quality and habitat; sustain working forests, farms, and maritime communities; and conserve lands of cultural, indigenous, and community value.
  • Expand public access to the Bay and its tributaries through existing and new local, state and federal parks, refuges, reserves, trails and partner sites.

Specifically, by 2025, we seek to collaboratively:

  • Protect an additional two million acres of lands throughout the watershed—currently identified as high-conservation priorities at the federal, state, or local level—including 225,000 acres of wetlands and 695,000 acres of forest land of highest value for maintaining water quality.
  • Add 300 new public access sites, with a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for boating, swimming, and fishing, where feasible.

We work on multiple levels toward these goals.