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More Good Chesapeake Conservation Results

More good Chesapeake Conservation results, this time from the Virginia Piedmont! Private landowners in Fauquier County, located west of Washington DC in the Virginia Piedmont, placed 2,541 acres under permanent conservation easements in 2017. Over 104,000 acres in Fauquier -- a quarter of the county -- are now protected through easements. "Conservation easements help protect our local food supply, secure sources of water for the future, provide areas for wildlife habitat and preserve important historic and cultural sites,"  Piedmont Environmental Council President Chris Miller said. "People love the rural character of the region and protecting ...

Capital Region Land Conservancy completes acquisition of Malvern Hill Farm

More good news of land conservation progress here in the Chesapeake watershed!   It was a proposal that raised both hopes and doubts: could a local nonprofit land trust raise nearly $7 million dollars to purchase a vulnerable 871-acre farm, site of a historic 1862 Civil War battle, on the outskirts of the fast-growing Richmond region? On February 1, a year and a half after the Capital Region Land Conservancy's (CRLC) Board of Directors greenlighted the ambitious plan, CRLC purchased Malvern Hill Farm in eastern Henrico County's Varina District.  Read More

2017 in Review and a Look Ahead!

As we start a new year, it’s worth taking a few minutes to reflect on the partnership’s accomplishments during 2017 and look ahead to 2018. Here is a quick overview! New maps of Chesapeake conservation goals: In March, we published new maps setting out the partnership’s long-term conservation goals for the watershed. Displayed in LandScope Chesapeake, the maps depict important farms, forests, habitat, heritage and health.           New analyses of influences on Chesapeake conservation: At the partnership’s annual meeting in November, participants viewed new analyses and maps of factors ...