Mitigation Policy and Practices

Opportunities to Improve Landscape-Scale State Mitigation Practices for Energy Projects to Enhance Chesapeake Watershed Land Conservation

There are numerous applications for large scale linear energy projects, including commercial scale wind and solar, affecting the lands and waters of the Chesapeake region. At the same time, states are experiencing challenges in meeting goals for conservation of key lands and waters and natural resources. There is a need to develop revised and new state-level policies and practices for landscape-scale mitigation for pipelines and power line projects within the watershed. The Environmental Law institute (ELI) is assisting the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership by assessing current state policies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and recommending revised or new policies to make mitigation processes and protocols more accountable and to provide more consistent landscape-level benefits. We are working to identify high-potential opportunities to improve state approaches with a goal of net conservation and restoration benefits across the region. A report is anticipated in 2018.