We all need to tell the stories of land conservation successes — and in ways beyond just counting acres protected and dollars spent. The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership published a series of 2018 Success Stories as part of our report Marking Milestones: Progress in Conserving Land in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. For 2019, we want to carry this forward!

The Partnership will soon begin assembling a suite of new success stories–projects completed this year–so we can all share the remarkable work being done by landowners, land trusts, communities, organizations and agencies to protect special places throughout the watershed.

What do we need from you? It’s easy. Just send an email with whatever information is readily at hand–a link to a press release or story, a short blurb, an image. We’re looking for stories of land protection projects–and work that supports land protection projects–completed in 2019. We have been tracking successes throughout the year, some of which have appeared as Lightning Updates in recent month — like the recent protection of Grace Furnace or Fones Cliffs. But we know there are many, many other successes out there that you know about.

Once we have your story leads, we’ll work with you to get the narrative down, find a good illustration, and we’ll assemble the overall suite of stories.

We need to share all the great work being done, how it relates to so many communities and conservation values, and how it depends on the organizations, agencies and funding programs supporting and carrying it out.

Start sending us your story leads now. Thanks!