Every year Chesapeake organizations and public agencies sponsor photo contests challenging the public to capture the most compelling images of public lands, wildlife and special places. The results are pretty spectacular.
Here’s a sampling of a few of this year’s contests and where you can see the winning images:
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources just announced their 2018 winners this week and their are some stunners.
  • Virginia State Parks “Get Outdoors” 2018 winners came out in July. Take a look.
  • Scenic Virginia also sponsors a “Virginia Vistas” contest; the 2018 winners are published here in the Richmond Times Dispatch.
  • The Pennsylvania Forests and Parks Association 2018 contest has closed and on-line voting is scheduled to take place later this month!
All of these images help convey values of existing public lands and the values the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership and its many members seek to conserve. As the saying goes, a picture is worth …