Current Initiatives

The Partnership uses its Annual Meeting, Steering Committee, and working groups to set and advance a variety of initiatives. Our initiatives focus on building the financial, scientific, social, and policy capacity to achieve both short-term and long-term landscape conservation goals and to support our members in carrying-out specific land protection actions. The Partnership has recently reoriented to more keenly focus on the 30 by 30 goal to protect 30% of the land in the watershed by the year 2030.

Current initiatives include:

  • Communications: Communicating the values of land conservation.
  • Crediting Conservation: Providing new incentives for conservation as a key best management practice for protecting water quality.
  • Mapping and Analysis: Documenting, mapping and analyzing important Chesapeake resources, goals and factors influencing conservation.
  • Mitigation Policy: State-level policy options for supporting mitigation of various infrastructure projects.
  • Tracking Progress: Monitoring progress toward conservation goals.