Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides the Partnership by fostering excellent internal communications, developing strategies and goals for consideration by the broader group, and ensuring work groups are functioning effectively. The Partnership has a set of working groups focused on tasks that align with current goals. In addition, the Partnership has a full time program manager.

Current Steering Committee Members (listed alphabetically):

Hedrick Belin, President, Potomac Conservancy

Sally Claggett, Chesapeake Bay Coordinator, USDA Forest Service

Joel Dunn, President, Chesapeake Conservancy (Co-convener)

Lauren Imgrund, Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Jim Edward, Deputy Director, EPA Chesapeake Bay Program

Brett Glymph, Executive Director, Virginia Outdoors Foundation

John Griffin, Program Manager, Chesapeake Conservation Partnership

Kate Hackett, Executive Director, Delaware Wildlands

Genevieve LaRouche, Chesapeake Field Office Supervisor, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Tim Male, Executive Director, Non-Profit Environmental Policy Innovation Center

Chris Miller, President, Piedmont Environmental Council

Jennifer Miller-Herzog, Mid-Atlantic Senior Program Manager, Land Trust Alliance

Deb Nardone, Executive Director, Clear Water Conservancy

Wendy O’Sullivan, Superintendent, NPS Chesapeake Bay (Co-convener)

Mark Platts, President, Susquehanna Heritage

John Reynolds, Board Member, Chesapeake Conservancy and Ft. Monroe Authority

Nita Settina, Acting Assistant Secretary, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Josh Saks, Deputy Secretary, Virginia Office of the Governor

Ann Swanson, Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Commission

Phil Wenger, President, Lancaster Conservancy

Sharee Williamson, Associate General Counsel, National Trust for Historic Preservation