Goal Mapping

The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership has identified long-term landscape conservation goals for achieving a vision of a vibrant, healthy and sustainable Chesapeake region. These goals are intended to encompass values that have already been documented through many public processes — from strategic and/or comprehensive plans to published studies and reports to formal designations by multiple levels of government. The goals are organized around five broad categories–Farms, Forests, Habitat, Heritage and Human Health–that encompass landscape level land protection concerns.

Our goals set out what is needed over the long term — principally in terms of our relationship with the land and all it includes. They recognize all is interconnected — a vibrant economy, strong communities, healthy people, working farms and forests, vital habitat for native wildlife, clean water, our shared heritage, recreation and quality of life. We treasure all these values, while we focus on select goals — not as disconnected parts, but as parts of the whole, inextricably linked. In fact, in many places on the land multiple values overlap, bringing those with diverse interests together to work toward their conservation. These goals help drive our conservation work. We illustrate and map where these values exist. We collaborate in conserving these values, building the resources to do so. We track and celebrate progress.

The Chesapeake Conservation Atlas presents maps of each goal and a composite map of “our valued lands”. Through our partnership with NatureServe, LandScope Chesapeake presents a carefully curated collection of map data on each goal and the various federal, state, and local conservation priorities that contribute to them.

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