Influence Mapping

What might influence the ability to achieve long-term conservation goals? While there are many potential influences, the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership has chosen to initially analyze and map six key factors.

The Chesapeake Conservation Atlas presents maps of each factor. Through our partnership with NatureServe, LandScope Chesapeake presents an on-line versions of these maps.

Viewing these influencing factors along with individual goal maps or the composite Valued Lands map can easily suggest a range of questions: What risks does energy development pose to conserved or valued lands? Where is it best to site energy development to avoid impacts to valued resources? How should conservation be influenced by or help mitigate areas subject to inundation? What conservation values are threatened by projected development patterns and how should they be conserved? How does existing conservation capacity match with highest priority conservation areas?

Addressing these questions can help ensure strategic conservation planning.

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