Some of you may have seen this compelling video Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) produced in collaboration with Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall. But we’re guessing not all of you. Plus, it’s always worth a re-watch. Take the thirty seconds.

The video stands out to us because of the landscape values Duvall’s words and the images communicate. It folds in the multi-faceted values the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership has embraced since the outset. Plus, it is personal testimony and a call to action to help conserve the Piedmont landscape. As the Partnership begins an initiative this fall to frame messages supporting land conservation it is instructive to view examples of great communications pieces like this. Thanks to PEC’s Chris Miller, a member of the Partnership’s Steering Committee, for sharing earlier and longer versions of the video in recent Partnership meetings.
For those wondering about Robert Duvall’s connection to the Chesapeake region, there is a story that goes way back. In May, Scenic Virginia recognized his contributions to landscape conservation with the Richmonds Medal at the Virginia State Capitol. You can read more about the award and Duvall’s engagement in several high profile scenic preservation issues over the years.