We’re launching a new platform for profiling and promoting Chesapeake conservation success stories. Help us build it out and promote your organization and conservation work.

In this time when so many conservationists are constrained from working in the way we normally do, we are often turning to how we communicate virtually. Improving our online storytelling is part of that. And sharing stories of good news is even more important right now, particularly as people increasingly long for what public open spaces provide. 

All of us have great stories to tell about conservation successes in the Chesapeake watershed. Too often, those stories aren’t heard widely enough. Or they aren’t assembled with other similar successes to illustrate the overall impact. As a result, far too many people never get to see the big picture of how, where, and why land conservation is crucial to our quality of life. 

The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership is intent on changing that. And all we need is a little bit of help from you. Just give us your success stories. 

The Partnership has just launched a new platform for profiling conservation success stories — success.chesapeakeconservation.org. Please check it out and let us know how you like it. The idea is to package successes from around the watershed and then push them out via social media and other channels. We started–with help from a number of you–by loading a series of successes from 2019. Now we want to build it out chock-full of 2020 stories. 

We’re three months in to 2020 and we know you have already achieved land conservation successes. Please send them to us! See this easy checklist of what we need for each story. 

Help us create a living repository of Chesapeake watershed land conservation accomplishments that give meaning and feeling to the number of acres protected we all tally up each year. 

The new success stories platform is the great work of two of the Partnership’s terrific contributors — Olivia Wisner and Jessica Elliott. Thanks to both of them for getting this up and running!

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