Landscape conservation requires … people who know and care about special places, of course!
This past Saturday, the National Park Service, Chesapeake Conservancy and Susquehanna Heritage welcomed over 150 geocachers to launch the Find Your Chesapeake GeoTour®. The GeoTour® complements the partnership website and takes adventurers to sixty Chesapeake places to search for and locate specially marked containers with trinkets and code words inside. A participant earns a unique geocoin after recording 20 place-specific code words in the Find Your Chesapeake GeoTour® passport
Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon, in which participants use a handheld GPS, or smartphone, to plot map coordinates to locate a hidden treasure or “cache.” The Find Your Chesapeake GeoTour® is the combined effort of the National Park Service, Chesapeake Conservancy, and volunteers with the Maryland Geocaching Society and the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization. The GeoTour® has over 60 cache locations at national, state and county parks, museums, and water trails along eight Chesapeake rivers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. is a partnership service of the Chesapeake Conservancy and National Park Service to connect people with over 300 special places around the Chesapeake watershed.