Here in the Chesapeake watershed, we have working at landscape scales for years — the Chesapeake Bay Program on water quality and other values; the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership on land conservation across the whole watershed; and partnership members on regional landscapes within the broader Chesapeake — like the Piedmont, the Eastern Shore, the Potomac River, Pennsylvania Wilds, and many more.
The new report profiles some Chesapeake work and includes images of a few of our beautiful landscapes. But there is much more to it than that. It focuses on two questions:
  • What is the current state of landscape conservation?
  • What can we do together and in our own landscapes to shape this essential practice and ensure a healthy, sustainable future for people and all of nature?
Organized around five major themes, the report addresses aspects of: collaboration, communications & engagement, science-based planning, funding & finance, and policy. A lot of good stuff — have a read!
And see an overview of the report in the current Living Landscape Observer, edited by Chesapeake Conservation Partnership Steering Committee member Brenda Barrett, also a member of the Network for Landscape Conservation’s Coordinating Committee.