Dock Street Acquisition

The Dock Street property is situated between Dock Street and the James River and adjacent to Great Shiplock Park and Chapel Island.
Credit: Capital Region Land Conservancy

Conservation Groups Acquire Richmond Riverfront Property for Future Parkland and Education Center

The James River Association plans to use a portion of the Dock Street property for a future James River Environmental Education Center. Credit: JRA.

On August 10, 2021, The Conservation Fund, Capital Region Land Conservancy (CRLC) and James River Association (JRA) announced the purchase of the 5.2-acre Dock Street property on the James River in downtown Richmond, Virginia. This acquisition will serve as the location of a future JRA environmental education center while the majority is slated for use as a public riverfront park.


The effort will also enhance the Virginia Capital Trail, further youth education programs, and safeguard the historic “View That Named Richmond” from Libby Hill Park. Conservation easements will be placed on the land to prevent future commercial development of the site and expand public access to the James River. The project will support water quality for more than 2.6 million people who live in the 10,000-square-mile James River watershed, as well as wildlife like the Atlantic sturgeon.

The Dock Street property will serve as public open space after a community engagement planning process and transfer of the property to the City of Richmond, expected in late 2022. Credit: CRLC.


Land Conservation Funders

$2,100,000 – Land and Water Conservation Fund
$500,000 – Virginia Land Conservation Foundation
$832,320 – James River Association
$70,000 – Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
$20,000 – Universal Leaf Foundation
$153,756 – Individuals