Rosson Easement

Photo Courtesy of LTV

Waynesboro Property Conserved in Rosson Easement

The Rossons’ Easement, generously donated by landowners David and Pat Rosson, is a 383.62-acre property in Waynesboro. It is Land Trust of Virginia’s (LTV) first easement in Augusta County, Virginia.   The Rossons’ property has frontage on three public roads and will now preserve significant scenic open space for the surrounding area. Other conservation values now protected include 291 acres of “Prime Farmland” or “Farmland of Statewide Importance,” 46.5 acres of forest cover and 2.01 acres of riverine wetlands. The property is within the watersheds of Porterfield Run, the South River, the Shenandoah River, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay. The Rosson’s property is the 214th easement completed by LTV. The Land Trust has worked with 219 families, conserving a total of 25,109 acres in 24 counties in Virginia.

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Land Trust of Virginia (LTV) David & Pat Rosson (Landowners)

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LTV and Rosson Family – Conservation Easement