Snowden Farm

Photo Courtesy of NVCT

Stafford's Snowden Farm Protected

Photo Courtesy of NVCT

Once the target for the development of a beltway for nearby Fredericksburg, VA, more than 200 acres of the Snowden Farm property is now permanently protected thanks to a conservation easement held by the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT). Snowden Farm holds immense value for both the landowners and the state of Virginia. One of the largest single parcels left in Stafford County, the property boasts some of the top agricultural soils in the state and supports a swath of hardwood forest and wetlands. In addition, the land has ties to Civil War history as the property was once owned by John Seddon, brother of the Secretary of War for the Confederacy, James Seddon. Artifacts found on the riverbank of the property suggest it played a role in Native American life as well. 

Snowden Farm is NVCT’s fourth easement in Stafford County. While the rest of the County is facing heavy development pressure, this easement ensures that the history and resources of the area are preserved for many years to come.

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